Friday, August 17, 2012

Working it out!

So since I posted the quick and easy butt workout video with my trainer Bob I have had a lot of people ask me about my workout schedule, and how I stay fit and healthy.  Well I think it is a combination of things beginning with a workout schedule I have found that works for me and that I like doing, combined with eating healthy low calorie food (I'll cover my diet in another post).

In terms of working out its not about how long you workout but IF you workout.  I am a huge believer in working out only 20-30 min a day a least 6 times a week.  That is SO doable for anyone!  No excuses!  When I first started getting back in shape I was just walking for 20 min a day and I slowly added things like an incline on the treadmill, a faster speed, a few abs after the walk and other small things that I added very slowly.  I am now at a place where I have a great workout routine that is diversified and is helping me more than ever.  Just get your heart pumping and you are doing more than most people!

The number one rule when finding a workout schedule that works for you is what you are comfortable with and what you like to do.  So here is my workout schedule that has helped me immensely and continues to kick my butt every week!

Monday: Weight training cardio workout with Bob - 30 min
Tuesday: Hot Yoga - 1 hour class
Wednesday: Weight training cardio workout with Bob - 30 min
Thursday: Hot Yoga - 1 hour class
Friday: Cardio intervals on the treadmill for 20 min, abs after
Saturday:  Cardio intervals on the treadmill for 20 min, abs after

For my intervals it depends how I feel, I either run 2 min on walk 1 min or if I need more of a rest day I run 1 min and walk 1 min until I get to the 20 min time.

Just remember this is your workout schedule.  No one can plan a better one than you!  I like to have a variety of different types of things to do.  I am passionate about yoga and weight lifting, I don't love to run but I do it any way :) I use the running day as more of my active resting days.  Find things that will keep you going and motivated!

Just remember a one min workout is better than non at all!  Just get out there and do it!

Anyone want to join me for any of my workouts let me know!  I always love having people to workout with!  Gives you even more motivation to get there!

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