Monday, August 20, 2012

32 never looked so good!!!

Today is my husband's birthday!  We have been celebrating for a week straight.  When I married into the family and they told me they do birth weeks instead of birthdays I was in love even more!!

I don't get mushy very often, but Ted is honestly the best thing that has ever happened to me, I can't put in words the things he has done for me and how lucky I am to have him, we have been through some crazy tough times together, all I know is I never would have made it without him!

He is a lover of school, 2 masters and will be Dr. Ted next summer!  He loves where he works, he watches the bachelorette and the bachelor with me, he is much more stylish than I ever could be...he picks out all my clothes and has interior designed our house, and he rocks a bow tie better than anyone I know.  He is a complete minimalist and hates too many things (hence my organization posts), he is grouchy in the morning and when he is sick, but he will even listen to Lady Gaga and Karmin with me!  He takes me to musicals and classical music events, he loves music more than I do.

This weekend we partied it up!  We went to The Capital Grill for dinner and boy did we love it!  The food was great but the service was even better!  They had decorated our table for Ted's birthday and even took a picture and printed it out for a keep sake!  ha ha!

We got dessert after dinner at his favorite ice cream parlor, The Sugar Bowl, and ended the night going to a concert where his cousin Roger rocked the house down!

No matter how many fights we get in, crazy things I do or say, Ted is always the rock and helps us get through, I am one lucky girl!

32 never looked so good.


  1. What a tribute! You are both treasures! Happy Birthday Ted!!!

  2. All true words, Stef. Ted's always been the go-to cousin for me and someone I can count on for just about anything. I'm lucky to call him family.