Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Prada for a dollar!

Ok I am so excited!  My husband and I go to the most amazing designer consignment store called My Sisters Closet (the men's is called Well Suited).  It is designer stuff that is used but in great condition and some items even still have tags on them!  You can sell your used designer clothes there and get credit or cash once it sells.  Ted and I are always selling things there so we always have a running credit.

This past weekend Ted found these amazing Prada shoes for me, they were priced at $72, but everything in the store was 20% off this weekend and with Ted's credit from selling clothes we ended up paying $1.37!  Can you believe that!  These shoes were at least $600-$700 regularly and I got them for $1.37!  The have barely been worn and I am in love already!  I might have worn them around the house the night I bought them...just might have.....

Ted and I are suckers for luxury goods/services/hotels/anything so lately we have been finding ways to get high end stuff for less than you would pay for a non-luxury item or service.  For example here in Phoenix we have this store called Last Chance.  It is where all the Nordstrom Racks from different regions send the stuff they don't sell.  I got a pair of Uggs a few years back for $30!  

Our most recent find was Ted's new Hugo Boss Suit.  It was priced at $100 regularly $800+.....Ted LOVES a fitted suit so when I found out that if you have a Nordstrom credit card every year you get $100 of free altering at Nordstrom and a $100 at Nordstrom Rack we had to buy the suit. The suit cost $100, we took it to the Nordstrom tailer and only had to pay $8 extra on top of the free $100 of free tailoring to get the suit completely remade to fit Ted perfectly.  

So for $108 Ted got a tailored Hugo Boss suit.  Can't beat that!  

(notice how happy he is to be taking this picture :)

It is almost a game to us now to see what high end restaurant we can eat at or what luxury brand we can buy for less than most people spend on normal things.What are your tricks to find great deals?


  1. Your husband cares about Prada?!?! Score!!! My husband thinks my Louis Vuittton is the dumbest handbag ever. He just doesn't understand. (by the way, my friend worked at LV so I only paid $300 for a brand new $1200 bag). I love a deal too! Big fan of Nordies and Last Chance too. Great furniture at My Sisters Attic too! Love your posts;)

  2. Wow! $1.37! You go girl! :) They are way cute too! Can't wait to see them on you in person.