Tuesday, January 8, 2013


It's a new year!  It's time for goal setting and new adventures!   I love this time of year!

I thought it would be fun to do a few organizing posts for those of your with goals to organize in the new year.  Organizing can be overwhelming, but if you have the right supplies and a little time it can be a lot of fun!  It doesn't have to be expensive either!

For you the first post I am showing you the inside of my kitchen, how I organized it and where I bought all of my organizing helpers.

The most important thing to me is organized my utensils, cups and plates...if they aren't organized it takes forever to unload the dishwasher, but with a few quick fixes putting dishes away never was easier.

My utensil drawer.  I have a lot of measuring cups because I bake so much.  I keep the 3 separate sets stacked and in little white baskets I found at Walmart I believe it was $2 for 3 baskets.  The basket on the right also has my measuring spoons.  I have a hard time keeping them super organized so i just stack them nicely in no real order.  

The baskets I have my whisks and spatulas in I got at Walmart as well in the kitchen section.  Then I place a few things I rarely use behind all the baskets.
The one thing to keep in mind when using baskets is to get the no slip drawer inserts.  This is a roll I got at Walmart and it has done all of my drawers in my kitchen and bathroom and was under $5.  (You can see it under my spatula it is a brown non stick that I just cut to fit the drawer. 

My silverware drawer I have 3 separate baskets.  They were all from the same line at the container store.  A little pricey but I love how clean I can keep the mesh.  I made sure to put some more non slip surface below it.   I always try to have a little space for all of my clips for the tops of bags or anything I need to close.  If they just float around the drawer they are hard to find and you always need them at the weirdest times!  

Cups and plates...everyone has their own method on this one.  I only buy white plates and cups (or glass) because they are easier to see if they are clean or not (the germ-a-phobe in me) but I always put my glasses facing down, they don't tip as easily and they stay much cleaner.  Just make sure you find a system that works for you.  It may take a few times of rearranging to find a way that makes sense and is easy to use!  Don't be afraid to re-organize something you already have organized I do it ALL the time!  That is how you find a good system!! 

Here is my food cupboard.  Our breakfast shelf is on the bottom...I know we are almost out of oatmeal I need to get to the store!  The container for the oatmeal is amazing but pricey.  I found it here at the container store.  I also store my flour and sugar in similar containers, they are air tight and easy to open.

The top shelf is where we keep all of our treats.  The plastic thin containers I found here at ikea (they have the two sizes the tall and the shorter ones) and the glass ones on the left I found at Ross (some of my best finds are in the kitchen section at Ross!)

I call this my drink cupboard.  The bottom shelf is mostly herbal coffee and tea and hot chocolate packets.  The containers on the left are flower vases I use when we have a party...I thought why not just use them all of the time!  I got them at Walmart in the kitchen section.  I LOVE the salt grinders you can buy at Walmart on the baking isle.  I have the pepper one behind the salt you just cant see it.

The baskets above the drink shelf are all of my spices.  It is easy to line them up on their sides.  One basket is mainly baking spices the other is cooking spices.  So when I need spices I just pull the baskets down and can see them all at one.  Better yet I am not constantly trying to make them stand up right or loosing any of them.  

These two areas are where I store all of our throw away stuff.  I send a lunch with Ted ever day and so I always include a fork or spoon and a few napkins.  The black baskets I found for those were in the kitchen tupperware isle at Walmart.  I love them!  I have now used them in several other places in our house!

On Sundays Ted and I try not to cook and we try to use throw away things to make it more of a easy day for us.  (my day off!!  ha ha!) So I always have silverware, cups, plates and bowls.  It makes it so much easier!  I am not going to lie we use them a lot of other days too!  ha ha!  

Well that is most of my kitchen!  Let me know if you have any questions!  I know you can do it!  Next week we will tackle the bathroom...which is the hardest one for me to find a good system!

Have a great week!!

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