Thursday, January 10, 2013

At Home Workout

After a play group I went to at the park (no I don't have kids but some times my friends share theirs with me:) and after talking to all the moms there, I started to understand how hard it is to find time to work out when your a mom.  Not only to find time but also trying to find a place that is suitable with little ones running around.

After talking a bit with my personal trainer Bob Davis I have devised a plan for all you moms...or work-aholics who can barely sneak a minute to workout!  

Cardio is great and you need to do it, but weights are a must!  The more muscle you have the more fat you are able to burn by just sitting there!  Yep muscle burns fat without even doing anything!  

Each week I am going to put up a video of 3 exercises you can do from your own home (or office).  You don't even have to have workout clothes on!  The best part is, it won't take a lot of time and you can do it with your kiddos running around or napping!  

For those of you first starting to do weight training you will want to start with the level 1 workout (see below).  For those of you doing cardio or who have done training in the past you could probably do level 2.  For those of you who do weight training already and are in pretty good shape level 3 is for you (you might even want to do 10lbs)  

I do 3 days of weights, and 3 days of cardio.  But even just 1-2 days of this weight training a week can make all the difference!!  

Level 1workout
10 squats
6 curls
10 lunges (5 each leg)
**repeat this series 3 times**

Level 2 workout
8 curls
16 lunges (8 each leg)
**repeat this series 3 times**

Level 3 workout
20 squats
10 curls
20 lunges (10 each leg)
**repeat this series 3 times**

Good luck and kick some butt!
Weights you can buy online or in stores:


  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. I love that you did this. So thoughtful, Stefanie! And some of the tips I really needed! Thank you!

  3. Thank you so much Stefanie! I just did my three sets and I'm definitely going to add this to my weekly repertoire. I used Costco size jars of peanut butter in lieu of weights. :)

  4. I just started adding strength training to my routine this year - I was a total cardio junky, but I can tell in just a few weeks its making a difference!

    Thanks for the video! :D

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  6. Hi Stefanie! It's Amber Marler =) So glad I found your blog! Thanks so much for the tips... you are awesome! I'm a new Mom and being able to work out from home has been a lifesaver. I've been doing cardio but not weights...I didn't know it was so easy to add weights to my routine. Thank you!!

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