Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Money, more than just numbers.

One of my biggest goals this past year was to fine tune our budget.  I am a total math nerd so it sounded fun to me.  It was about half way through the year when I realized that money and budgets aren't just about the actual numbers...the money you spend can go further than just simply saving money or spending money.

I first understood the basics of this idea when I married Ted 9 years ago.  I watched his dad and every time he wanted to buy something or needed his car serviced or anything where he was spending money, if he knew someone who had a shop that sold it, or his brothers friends cousin sold that type of bike he would always buy from a place where his money would make a difference, and not only giving the shop money but supporting their cause and showing your trust in them.

As I worked on our budget this year I realized that you can budget your money fairly easy, but how was I to maximize the money that I was spending to not only fulfill my needs but help those people around me.

I love buying from friends and family.  This Christmas Ted and I made a goal to buy as many gifts from our friends with businesses as possible or choose locally run stores to buy from.  In a way it felt like our money was going further than just simply buying a present, it was helping a small business owner out as well.  (We do the same thing when we eat out but that is for a later post :)

So I thought I would share a few of the places I bought stuff from this year.  They are friends and family that have great businesses that I am excited to share with you! (The names of the stores are linked to each individual websites)

Please share any businesses that you or your friends or family own or use!  I am always looking for more business to support!

Beautiful hand made jewelry with a little sas!  

Honestly the cutest hand crocheted bows around!  She makes them for all ages! 

Bow ties and suspenders for men and kiddos and cute hair bows!  
This is my nephew wearing a set from Bebecha we got him for Christmas, he is so cute!

You probably have seen a few posts here and on facebook about these shirts
Honestly the most comfy cute shirts!  This one I am wearing above even has a hood!

If you are here in Arizona a great new place opened up at the Biltmore Mall.  It is called The Union.  It is a seciton of small stores that are all locally built and operated and it is so fun to browse through all their cute stuff!  There are several local clothing stores, Smeeks a local candy store, a retro bike store.  Trust me you need to try it out!


  1. Posted from one of The Forward Home Readers...these shops are cute! I already checked them out!!

    Local candy store? I am interested in that one... :) My friend makes beautiful wool felt flowers at Some other friends do creative wood crafts at on

  2. Did you get 3 comments from me? My phone is weird, it stops letting me type before I finish my comments. It does it a lot. Anyway, I'm glad you liked the shops!