Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Two blog posts in one week!  I really must be back on the blogging train!!

Living down town is amazing!  We really haven't lived in "the city" since Philly 3-4 years ago....and boy have I missed it!  Everything is so close!  There are great places to eat!  But truly what makes it feel like home are the people.  There are people in every stage of life, every background possible, and I love it.  Going to the grocery store is so much fun!  

I meet so many amazing people every day and see people who are struggling or having a hard time, some times all I can do is try to make them smile, but even that seems rewarding.  

Living here has made me remember my purpose.  Ted studies a lot about passions and purpose and having a fulfilling life.  I am usually his ginny pig (and I love it) and he helped me a few years back to see that my purpose and love in life is to make people smile.  As I work, or shop, or do anything else I always encompass my mission and try to make people smile.

Ted's mission is to teach and inspire.  He does that in so many capacities!  Have you ever thought of what your mission or passion in life is!?  It truly helps me every day, and I feel like I get so many chances here in the city to work on my mission :)

A week or so ago I bought the cutest shirt from my friends who are selling inspirational shirts 
Check out their Etsy Site Here
Now that it has cooled down here in AZ I have been wearing this thing non stop!  It is so comfy and fits great.  I can't tell you how many converstation starters it gets...mostly because I am always making friends in the store or in line at the grocery store, but it has really helped me to make people smile and helped to me to explain what I am grateful for.  I can't wait to buy their "Blessed" shirt and start wearing that one around!


On another less serious note....I LOVE Christmas!!  There is a radio station that started playing Christmas music here in Arizona this past weekend and even though I was a little surprised I was so excited!  Ted was not so thrilled...since he knows how crazy my love for Christmas is.....

Every year one of the temples for our Church (The Church of Jesus Christ) the one near us in Mesa, AZ does the most amazing Christmas lights.  Last night Ted and I got a sneak peak, they had them on to test them.  They were amazing!  And they were only part way done!  

There is just something I love about Christmas lights on a cactus!  

Let me know if you want to go this year they are up the Friday of Thanksgiving and go through new don't have to pay or listen to any church stuff...they are just so amazing~! 

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