Thursday, November 15, 2012


Recently I have seen a lot of people I haven't seen in awhile that I have met over the past eight years of Ted and I's marriage, and everyone always comments how different my hair is lighter, longer, curlier....

I then realized that most people I know don't know truly how different my hair has been over the years!  So without further ado here are eight years of my crazy hair:

When we got married in Jan 2004 I had hair almost to my waist and had never colored it....

First big cut less than a few months from getting married

Even shorter 2005 

Grew it out and died it brown!!?  What the....*&#@??
My first time coloring my hair....

Chopped when we moved to Philly 2007
With my late Grandma in the pic

2008 finally growing it out

End of our Philly time May 2009

Curly short...March 2010

Head band time...awkward growing stage! Our time in Cali...

Finally a pony tail!  The moment I had been waiting for!

Pig tails and scary pirate face ha ha!   Oct 2010

March 2011 getting longer!

French twist obsession 
(treatments made me loose half my hair so this was a good cover!)

Curly craziness in humid DC

Super Straight great baby pulling hair!

Long with big curls


Super Blonde!  

Low back bun

Side Bun
(guess I like to wear this dress...)

High bun

Crazy up do!

Hard work having long hair...

Finally a long braid!
All my hair has grown back!  And is curly again!

Look Familiar!?
Back to where I started so many years ago...
That my friends is the marry go round of my hair..... Now you all know how crazy I am!


  1. I love seeing your hair the past few years. It's amazing how different hair can make someone look. I have cut mine short, but never colored it. My mom would never let me growing up and now I don't want to. Love your blog and I think you're amazing!!

  2. I have naturally curly hair too - I totally understand what humidity can do to your hair, haha! May I ask who colors your hair? I'm looking for a new hair person, and I love the color blonde you have. It looks so good on you! Oh, and no, I'm not on facebook right now. I deleted my account a few years ago but will probably get back on sometime =P