Monday, November 12, 2012

Myth busting Pinterest and a nail polish trick!

So this time I am really back to the blogging world.  After my last update I got so sick!  I am feeling better finally!  Yea for feeling healthy!

I have the best mother-in-law!  She has kept me well stocked on cute nail polish for years and recently I have started finding some cute ones all by myself!  (pre-cross family I had no style or no fashion is a constant learning curve being an in-law in a hip family...)

But recentlyI have found the perfect combination of two nail polishes from Essie.  I am in LOVE!  I always hate using the sparkling nail polishes because you can always seen under them a little bit.  I used a mat grey color called Chinchilly for the bottom coat and then added the sparkle coat of Beyond Cozy...and I always use their amazing fast drying top coat called Good To Go.  The combination of the two colors ends up looking like solid sparkles!

I am excited about this one for the holidays and New Years!!

I did my toes too....but my legs and feet are still very swollen so no way I am taking a picture of those!! Ha ha!

The colors (don't you love how much I use my top coat...)

Yesterday out of desperation while getting ready I was forced to try a myth busting pin out....I was putting on my makeup and my mascara was all clumpy and dry.  I tried this pin (seen below) and it was amazing!  I think my mascara was actually better than it was when I first bought it!  It went on so easily and was so smooth!  I am always doing this trick!

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