Friday, July 6, 2012

Less is More!

I am making chocolate lava cupcakes with cream cheese frosting this weekend for a close friends birthday!  Will post the recipe next week!  Can't wait!

Less is More!  My Less is More post have been my highest viewed posts.  I was trying to figure out why the other day and my husband and I were talking about it, he asked why I like such a clean organized home.  And then it hit me.  Control.  With my auto immune disease, I don't get to control how I feel from one day to the next or what medications I have to take.  So I have to control what I can, my house, my diet, my things.  That is the way I stay sane.  I think people who are following these posts are feeling the same way they just don't know it.  Having things organized no matter what it is from your home, schedule to meals is a way to control the things you have control over.  We all have things in our lives we can't control, so let's take some of that control back and organize the heck out of our lives!!

This week I want to show you my cleaning supplies.  A few weeks ago I went through them all and thought what do I really use.  Being a germ a-phobic (most people with a chronic illness are) I always have to have bleach on hand.  But what else do I HAVE to keep?  I got rid of a sack full of cleaning supplies I hadn't touched in months!  We all have our go to items so just get rid of what you don't need!
This is under my kitchen sink.  Nothing to fancy, but oh so spacious!  I buy multiples of some of the items so I line them up right behind the other one.  The items I HAVE to have are (from left to right):

- Dishwasher soap with bleach
- Dish soap
- My scrubber brush for dishes (nothing sits on my counters or in my sink)
- My new favorite product Pledge Multi Surface (if you haven't tried this you must! cleans granite,  wood, metal, glass, and electronics!  I get the 99.9 antibacterial)
- My go to bleach water mix in a spray bottle
- Air freshener
- Leather cleaner
- Paper towel
- Trash bags  

In the first picture you can see that I keep my dishtowel below the sink, I hate anything on the counter or in the sink.  I just put a little hook down there and then I could hang the towel below the sink but still have fast and easy access to it.  

So just remember that less is more!  Some times the hardest thing is to throw things out you know cost you money, but less stress and less time trying to find the things you need is worth more than money! Some times what I do is find people who would like the things I am discarding or are in need of those items, that way I don't feel like it has gone to waste but I still can free up that space for myself!  

Have a great weekend!

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