Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Less is More!

My friend Catherine over at FEST who guest posted for The Forward Home a few weeks ago has issued a challenge to her readers.  I am going to issue the same challenge to you in my Less is More post this week.

She has challenged her readers to join her on her journey to not buy any new clothes.  Catherine is the woman and is doing it for 1 year!  But she has given different timing options to choose from.  I thought The Forward Home could support her and not buy any new clothing for 1 month.  I do not count trading in clothes at consignment stores and buying with credit since that is not money but other than that NO NEW CLOTHES!


I have started to revamp my closet this summer just like I have been doing in every other room in my house.  I have come to the perfect minimalist closet but still have a few items I need to make it perfect.

For me I only have this in my closet:

2 pairs of Jeans - one causal one dressier
3 pairs of dress pants for work: tan, white, grey
4 skirts: a pencil strip black, plain black, white skirt, and black and white
3 dresses: black, yellow and grey
I don't know how many exact shirts I have but if I don't wear them at least every 2 weeks I got rid of them.  This was the hardest part and had to go in stages.  But I paired it down to a minimum and I got rid of all but 1 casual shirt since I like to be mostly dressy
Shoes (my weak link):  2 pair black high heels (one sparkly), 1 gold pair high heels, 1 brown pair high heels, 2 flip flop flats (1 casual, 1 dressy), and 2 pairs of flats (one black, one brown), workout shoes.

Here is my closet.  There are some baskets I am not showing with my socks, underwear and workout clothes but this is all I have other than those baskets and it works out great!

Shirts, sweaters and dresses in the back

My shoes minus two pair of sandals that are on the ground

I still am having a hard time getting rid of this I got rid of some but most of it people have given me...Guess I am too sentimental!  

And now you have seen ALL of my clothes! I hope you join me on the FEST challenge!  Comment below if you are going to join!  Here is to not being prisoner of your things :) 


  1. This is so fabulous! Thank you for joining the challenge. :)

    I am so impressed with your minimalist closet. Way to go!


  2. I give you all credit! I wish I could participate but I am too much of a clothes freak! Love your blog, found you via TSP!!


  3. You are awesome! I haven't purchased new clothes is so long. Not really since I got pregnant with Sterling. Just a few in between sweats since then. I am up for weight loss and trading in my entire closet of homeless walmart lady clothes for new pretty ones very soon:)

  4. I was thinking about you tonight as I was thinking about purging a lot of excess in my life. You need to do some more posts on minimalist living!