Saturday, September 15, 2012

Minimize Moving

I have noticed a big problem with this new minimalist living lifestyle I have embraced...We move in about 2 weeks and since it is our 15th move in 9 years we are pretty good at knowing what needs to be packed and when.  Well I have been trying to pack what I don't need...but that has opened a whole bunch of problems.

I realized that if I can live without this stuff for 2 weeks...why do I have it!?  Ted has been so annoyed with me!  I don't know why he is the reason I finally embraced minimalism...and when I do something I do it I have been getting rid of EVERYTHING!  Just ask my friends....

I feel like this is what our house has looked
 like as I have been purging....I hate clutter!!  

Today Ted had to organize his tools...I wanted them all gone!  Well after kicking screaming and pulling teeth he finally got the hang of it and just kept one of everything...he is a bit of a hoarder when it comes to tools.  Ted finally did convince me we should at least keep our year books and a few things from our childhood....he almost DIED when he saw them in the trash bin...

Now on to a juicing update.  We love it, well I should say I love it, Ted loves how healthy it is but it having a hard time getting use to the taste.  The biggest problem I see is how much work it is!  No one told me how much work it would be!!!  To grocery shop, plan, prep, juice, and clean is tons of work.  I really feel like it is paying off especially now that I am getting a system about it.

One week of fruits and veggies for Ted and I.  Wow.
(for juicing and eating)

In the morning we wake up Ted starts getting ready and I start juicing, I make 2 juices so I have to do everything twice (check out the recipe in my original juice post).  While I juice I also make us steel cut oatmeal then we are able to eat breakfast together.  Ted says it makes his stomach a little uneasy eating all of that first thing in the morning.

I have noticed a big difference in my energy level and also surprisingly my skin is getting so nice and soft!  It has been one week of juicing in the morning and making a fruit smoothy at night (only got about a half week of smoothies in) and it is going great!  

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  1. Me and my mom are the same way. Eating breakfast upsets our stomach. Must be a Singleton thing. I've seen that documentary and thought about juicing but have never really done anything. I think I'm too scared to buy a juicier.