Thursday, July 26, 2012

Quick and Easy Summer Do

Hello!  I am really excited to share with you today a tutorial for a quick and easy wet summer do.  We all want to look great but in the summer you want something quick and easy without having to blow dry your hair.

Katrina, from Roots Salon is here to show us a hairdo that only takes a few minutes and is now one of my go to dos.  Katrina is an amazing hair stylist here in Arizona.  She has a studio salon that is gorgeous, but the best part is how amazing she is with hair.  I call her the Mozart of hair, she is incredible with color and cuts that fit each individual person.  When I was treated for my disease this past year I lost more than half my hair.  Because of her hair cuts and tricks to style my hair, no one could tell, and I didn't have to shave off my hair.  She really is THAT amazing!  Go visit her!!

Katrina at Roots Salon
32nd and Camelback in Phoenix, AZ

The finished product.  So quick and easy!

Katrina's Roots Salon.  So hip and modern.
Best hair boutique in Arizona!



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  2. SO CUTE!! I do a variation of this ALL the time, so fun to have another cute Arizona summer wet do!