Friday, June 1, 2012

Smart way to get glasses!

We all want style on a budget!  Check out this new affordable way to get designer glasses!

Warby Parker is amazing!  It is a stylish site that my husband and I have found where you can buy designer glasses and sunglasses at incredible prices!  

The best part is that they send you 5 frames to try on and then you get to choose the frames you like and order your glasses.  They 2 day ship (for free) you the try on frames and then you order the ones your like!  Amazing!

The amazing fancy box they come in:

This makes me sad that I don't need glasses!

It is $95 for prescription designer glasses, free shipping free returns!  You can't beat that!

Ted ordered his glasses and they come yesterday.  We need your help deciding which ones he should choose:

Number 1
Number 2
Number 3
Number 4
Number 5

OK voting time!  Which ones should Ted, my husband the professor get?!!


  1. Oh how great!! I vote #1 or #2, because I like the squarer frames. Good luck deciding!!

  2. I'm with Ashley...1 or 2 definitely!! I think the rounder frames look a little like my dad, who I love, but who is also 70+ years old!! HA!! Awesome site...I too wish I needed glasses sometimes!! Such a cute look!!

  3. I like 2 the best!! This is awesome thanks for sharing - I need new glasses!

  4. Just became a new follower. I think I like #2!


  5. Stef! I love all your blogginess! And I vote for #5 but they seem to sit a little low maybe? But I like that shape best. Also thanks for the clue about this company, I desperately need new glasses. How much do they charge to fill the prescription? Or do they only sell frames?

  6. Davis and I vote for #5... I also kind of like #2!

  7. Can't wait to check out that site!! Thanks Stef. I vote for #5, or #2 :)