Thursday, May 31, 2012

Minimalist Kitchen, Kitchen Giveaway

So many of you know that my husband Ted is a minimalist!  The 14 moves we have had in the last 8.5 years haven't helped his obsession in the least.....with every move I came closer and closer to his minimalist philosophy - The Less The Better.

This past weekend we went on a road trip and listened to the audio book The Four Hour Work Week.  It is about simplifying the work you do, but for some reason I got a bug in me about finally getting 100% on board with being a minimalist family....this meaning that you have only the necessary items in your home and everything else goes!  A few weekends ago my husband and I went through my closet...that was harder than I thought!  And after this past weekend I decided to fine tune the minimalist kitchen....I know you are all thinking I am crazy about now...but it feels INCREDIBLE!  I am not going to let my life be run by the things I HAVE to have.

So first I have to get rid of all the things I don't HAVE to have anymore.  I don't want to just give all these items to anyone...most are nice items!  So I am giving you all first dibs!  If you live in the area and want something below let me know and it is yours!

 Crate and Barrel Cake Stand, used 1 time

Two large bread pans and two little, none have been used.
Cheesecake pan, I have made some of my best cheesecakes in this pan!
Crate and Barrel Glass Vase, never used

Heavy metal tea pot from an import store, used 2 times max

Flower Vase

Mini cupcake pan, never used
Also small utensils, salad spinner never used, cheese grater, cookie pan, sifter, 2 cork hot pot holders.  

Let me know if you want anything!  It is all free!  I just want it to go to good use!  
Just leave a comment below!

Now on to the more important things.  You ask what is the perfect minimalist kitchen is???  Well here it is!  (remember yours might be different, I am an avid baker and make tons of cakes and cupcakes but I tried to pare it down to the least amount possible)

The Minimalist Kitchen:
Baking Pans:
2 cookie sheets
2 cupcake pans
Angel Food Cake pan
2 bread pans 
9x13 pan
9x9 square pan
2 - 9 inch round cake pans
2 - 6 inch round cake pans

Kitchen Aid
Crock Pot
Rice Steamer 

Pots and Pans:
1 9 piece Cusinart set of pans

1 set of 4 whisks
3-4 scraper spatulas
2 flipper spatulas
3 different sized wooded spoons
2 sets of measuring cups and spoons

Mixing Bowls:
1 3 set mixing bowls from William Sonoma
1 oversized bowl

Plates, Bowls, and Glasses:
8 - large plates
8 - small
8- bowls 
8- glasses
(the funny thing about this list is we only have 4 bowls and 4 small and 4 large there is actually something I need to add!)

The rule with my kitchen is have as many organizers to keep this stuff looking crisp and clean as possible!  So that is one area I do not skimp on!  Headed to The Container Store today!!!

What do you think!!??? Am I crazy!!??


  1. I TOTALLY want that cake stand!! I have had a vision in mind for a little bit, and that cake stand would be perfect!! Love it!!

  2. I think you're awesome!!! Not crazy at all!!! We CERTAINLY need to minimize our JUNK over here!!! By the way...Keat's last day was today...let's plan that meet week maybe?!?!? OH, and I'd LOVE the mini muffin pan...and maybe the salad spinner?!?!? stuff!!!

  3. Steph... I totally want that cute tea pot and if no one has claimed the cheesecake pan or bread pans, I'd love those, too! yea!

  4. Hey Stefanie, thanks for introducing me to your blog! Having just graduated from college I have practically no kitchen supplies... I will take the small utensils, cheese grater, cookie pan, sifter, hot pot holders, and the glass vase from Crate and Barrel off your hands. Can't wait to keep reading!