Thursday, September 27, 2012

Healthy Living Tip

Thanks for all the responses to give away!  The winner has been notified!

This week has been crazy!  Between not feeling great and trying to get ready to move next week, I feel overwhelmed!  Only a week till the 15th move of our 8.5 year marriage!  Wish us luck!

This weekend I get to go and see family in Utah and help my mom pack up the family house so she can move!  So many new and exciting things are ahead!

Lately I have been boiling A LOT of eggs.  It is the easiest fast healthy treat and has a lot of protein to boot!  So I came up with an easy way to store them but to know which eggs are boiled and which ones aren't....I started doing this for my husband because I try to make everything super easy and quick to find since he is always working and writing for school I try to save him as much time as possible (it is a bit selfish because that means more time for me!).  I try to make it so he doesn't have to spend energy thinking of where things are or what there is to eat....

So here is what I can up with :)

I just label each boiled egg with a B then it is easy to know which is which!  It's that simple!  

Hope you have a great weekend!  I will post pics from Utah....lots of memories in that house!  My family has lived there for 35 years!  Its nice to move on to new things though!  


  1. I guess great minds think alike, Stef! I have been writing HB on mine for years and it really does work to identify the boiled ones. We are definitely soul sisters!! Love ya...good luck with the move.

  2. Oh yum! I love hard boiled eggs. Wish I was there to help with your move! Love you tons!