Saturday, September 8, 2012


Have you ever met a real germaphobe?  Like a real live full blown geraphobe?  Well you have now!  I am not just someone who likes their house clean or who likes the smell of bleach....I am such a germaphobe that I have to have my house germ might be from being sick for so many years with my disease...or maybe I picked it up from my Grandma who use to buy her own toliet seat liners and keep them in her purse for whenever we were in a public bathroom...either way I see germs every where.

Ted has lately been making fun of me for it, I don't know why it is so funny when he trys to put my hand on a doorknob or tells me someone sneezed on our table..,it just gives us the giggles...and makes me have a small panic attack which makes us laugh even harder...

We have been watching The Big Bang Theory Lately (mostly because we relate to those nerds ha ha) but you know are bad when you watch a segment and Ted laughs the entire time saying "that is you!" "that is what you do!"

Well here is to airing your dirty laundry on the blogging world!

Speaking of dirty laundry I have been so sick all week and have been a little grumpy...that being prefaced....I went to do some laundry last night, (of course bleaching a few of my white towels...) and went to put them in the dryer and it didn't work....I tried everything but the sounds it was making were starting to scare me so I called the apartment office to get them to come and fix the dryer...well that is when all hell broke loose...they couldn't fix my dryer for 48 hours....I lost it, maybe because I was sick or hadn't left the house in over 4 days, or maybe because I am a germaphobe and could already smell my towels mildewing...but I lost it.

I feel bad for the manager of our apartments....Let's just say I need to make a lot of cupcakes and take them to the office in the next week or I may never get anything fixed in a timely manner again...I went from being the nicest resident to the most needly, rude, germaphobe...

So to all those who say I am nice or so positive just break my dryer and not let me bleach anything for 48 hours and then see if you still agree!  Ha ha!  

Hope you are all having a great weekend!  I am starting to feel better and Ted is taking me to the mall tonight to walk around...things are looking up!  I might even eat a whole meal tonight!


  1. When I saw the 'germaphobe' headline on Facebook I had to click! I can COMPLETELY relate! I tend to provide a lot of laughs for my dear husband as well as friends! They enjoy my moments of anxiousness. :)