Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Healthy Eating

Many of you don't know, but I have struggled with a major blood disease for over 8 years now.  After many different treatments we have finally found one that helps.  I can never be cured of the disease but we are figuring out how to manage it!

Blurry shot, but Bob and me at our last workout
Part of the reason I am so healthy right now is thanks our personal trainer/food coach/therapist/everything!  His name is Bob Davis and he runs an Arizona program for kids up to age 18 called Strength of America as well as doing group and individual training for adults.  Honestly I can't say enough about what Bob has done for me!  He has me exercising every day (only 2.5 months ago I was in bed 23 hours a day receiving treatments).  He has me eating right.  He has me feeling healthier than ever and I am still at the end of my treatment.

Needless to say I am excited to have him post!  Here he is with a post on healthy eating.

With all the media blitz, diets, experts pushing fad diets, good fats, bad fats, all protein no carbs, good carbs, bad carbs, energy drinks, sports drinks, protein after workouts, carbo loading... Forget it, I’m just going to get a cheeseburger!!!
It’s no wonder we have such a large part of our population obese, New York City alone has over 60% of their population considered obese.  There are about 20 million Americans with Diabetes, children and adults, and 79 million are Prediabetic!
A big part of the problem is we over think what to eat, then get frustrated, or are starving then we don’t think and eat anything we can get a hold of.
I am a big believer in MODERATION.  Here are some basic rules in controlling your weight and energy at the same time.
  1. Portion control
  2. Get a Protein in every meal
  3. Fiber with your protein
  4. Fruits and vegetables 3 times a day
  5. 4, 16 oz bottles of water each day
  6. Don’t drink your calories, unless it’s your meal
Portion Control- We only need about 300-500 calories in each meal.  A meal does not have to be a sit down fill the table with food.  It can be a half sandwich on whole wheat with a vegetable, hand full of almonds and a piece of fruit, a protein shake.  With this recipe of small portions you can eat 5-6 times a day and less mess in the kitchen with those big meals.
Protein- We need to rethink protein.  Many believe it is only needed if you are an athlete wanting to build big muscles.  Proteins help regulate our blood sugars.  Think about your breakfast, the most important meal of the day, right?  If your last meal the day before breakfast was 8-10 hours sometimes 12, then you have carbs, even fruit, not even talking about a doughnut, then you wonder why an hour later at work or school you are sleepy.  You put in your empty tank sugar, tasted good, you were eating fruit, but crash, the sugar now drops your energy  down.  By simply adding a protein, not high fat protein, it helps to regulate and slowly use that energy you just consumed.  We generally consume less than 5% of our total calories from protein, we need 20-25% of our calories from protein.  Protein such as nuts, beans, chicken, lean beef, pork, turkey, fish are great sources.  With the portion guidelines we only need 15-20 grams of protein in each meal.
Fiber with your protein- When protein and fiber are eaten together they are digested more slowly, this keeps you satisfied longer and keeps your blood sugars from spiking then crashing.  Adding fruits, veggies or whole grains to each meal with your protein will put you on track and taste good also.
Fruits and Veggies 3 times a day- These are good sources of fiber to go with your protein.  So with a fruit or vegetable 3 times each, that covers your 6 meals a day.  If you stick with your portions and calories, an apple or orange, carrots, broccoli, etc you will not exceed you calories from carbs-sugars.  We need carbs, not doughnuts. :-) 
Four 16 oz. bottles of water each day- And not just for those of us in Arizona.   Our bodies are composed of about 60-70% water, so why do so many of us think we can operate efficiently without it?  Caffeine dehydrates your body.  You cannot count the water in coffee toward your daily requirement, you have to drink more water because of the coffee.  An easy calculation to figure how much water you should drink, is to take half you bodyweight and drink that in ounces.  A 100 pound person should drink about 50oz. of water each day.  See how much you should be drinking.  When most of us calculate that and the protein we take in, now it starts to make sense why we don’t have as much energy during the day.  Our brain is about 75% water.
Don’t drink your calories unless it’s your meal- I’ll have a glass of orange juice in the morning with breakfast that counts, doesn’t it?  A typical glass of orange juice is like eating at least three oranges.  Too much sugar at one time, and don’t think that it counts as your three servings of fruit, the body doesn’t save it for later.  Otherwise once a day at a buffet we would all be good, but have you taken a look around and the sizes of most bodies at the buffets.  The body doesn’t store it the way we want.  If one of your meals is a protein shake, then great.  Calories such as sodas, juice or alcohol all count in our meals!  A typical drink is anywhere from 200-600 calories, that’s a meal in your new guidelines.  
Stay tuned for more details on the basics of eating and exercising healthy in a way that you can live with.  Forget the diets, stick with the rules above and keep it simple. :-)
Have fun and see you next time!  If you have questions visit my website or email me.
Bob Davis
Strength of America Founder since 1989


Not too late to sign up for summer camp, starts week of June 4th, but prorate or make up classes available if gone on vacation.

Make sure your athlete is safe this upcoming season. 

"Hard work is important, but Working Smart is the key to success"
Me :-)


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