Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Types of Interior Design Styles

Have you ever watched a home improvement show and wondered what they meant exactly when they said "I want it contemporary with a modern twist?"  I know I have!

This is a basic guide to the different styles in interior design.

Read an amazing article HERE for more details on each style.

Contemporary Design
Sharp angles and not many patterns
Traditional: very formal with lots of rich fabrics and many detailed touches such as crown molding and ornate base boards.

Contemporary: a minimalist way of styling a room.  The less the better.  Neutral colors with small pops of one or two bright colors.  Very geometric in shapes and edges.

Modern: often confused with contemporary modern is even more streamlined and even more in the concept that less is better.  This type of design adds more textures to it, glass and metal and more patterns can be added than in contemporary.

Modern Design
More pattern and shapes than Contemporary 
Eclectic: this seems to be one of the most popular styles right now with the rise of the thrift store vintage look coming back.  This is not a style in whole, it is based more on each piece chosen for a specific reason sometimes emotional.

There is so much to learn about how to style your home! I love looking at pinterest or furniture store websites figuring out exactly what MY style is.  It is ever evolving but I truly think I am contemporary with a little industrial (earth textures like wood and metal and other raw materials).

We have been looking for our dream home, one we can remodel and make our own, no luck yet, but I can't wait until we find it and I can start to decorate it with all my own touches!

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